K-Bot RX1 Robotic Pool Cleaner


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K-Bot RX Series Robotic Pool Cleaners efficiently clean almost any size and shape pool. Installation’s a breeze, just plug your K-Bot in and it’s ready to go. Its safe, economical digital switch mode power supplies is less than 30 volts DC.

High-speed motors and an ultra-fine filter vacuum, scrub and brush dirt and debris away – without placing any load on your pump and filter system. When your K-Bot RX cleaner’s automatic timer’s done – in 3 hours or less – it’ll turn itself off. Just lift it out, empty the convenient filter bag or cartridge, and stow it away till next time. It’s that quick and easy.

The exclusive K-Bot Smart Swivel ensures the cable never tangles while amazing Autoscan technology systematically scans your pool shape and size for a perfect clean.

Comes with a 2 year Full System Warranty and an 18m Cable, suits all pool types.


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