Rain and Hail

Or Perfect Sunshine

The Weather Effects The Water!

Weather is the largest factor to consider when balancing and maintaining a pool. You will have to adapt your equipment to deal with the heat of summer and the rain of winter.

These recommendations will help keep your pool looking great and extend your swimming season while saving time and money.


During summer, your pool is affected by various different environmental factors. The sun’s UV rays are at their most intense and this is when the most swimming happens. This will have a large impact on your chlorine levels, burning it out and using it up on sanitising the water. If the chlorine falls too low in the pool, it becomes a perfect environment for algae. The large amount of swimming and evaporation will also throw the PH and other chemicals out of balance quite frequently as well, making regular testing essential.

We recommend these steps to keep your pool clean and clear during the summer season

  • Run your chlorinator for at least 8 hours a day with a chlorine output of 80-100%
  • We recommend running the chlorinator 6 til 10 in the morning and night to prevent loss of chlorine to UV rays
  • For pools with no chlorinator, we recommend dosing a litre or 60gm of chlorine a day for a stabilised 50,000L pool
  • Have a professional test once a week
  • Monitor your chlorine levels daily using a strip test or a 4 in 1 test kit
  • Keep UV Blockout levels between 30 and 50 ppm to minimise loss of chlorine to UV rays
  • Backwash your sand filter every 3 weeks
  • Soak your filter cartridge in a degreaser once a month
  • Use a monthly dose of an algaecide to prevent algae appearing


To extend your swimming season in Autumn, you can use gas and solar heating to keep the pool at a warm temperature. Alternatively, a solar cover can be kept on the pool to warm and maintain the temperature. Turn your chlorinator output down as the weather cools. Clean your baskets more regularly to deal with the autumn leaf litter.



Winter is the quietest time of year for your pool, but you still need to take care of your pool to prevent it turning green. Keeping your pool clean will save you time and money when spring comes around. If you need to treat calcium buildup, this is the best time to do it.

  • Run chlorinator for 4 hours a day during winter
  • Use a Winteriser to prevent algae growth
  • Keep the pool covered to stop leaves falling in
  • Treat phosphate levels at the start of winter
  • Check chlorine and pH levels every two weeks
  • Turn lights on for half an hour every week to prevent moisture building up inside


Spring is the time to start getting your pool cleaned up and looking good. Not only is the holiday season approaching, but there are many public holidays you want to have your pool looking immaculate for. Even if it’s too cold to swim, its always great to have a perfect looking pool to show off!

  • Have your pool equipment serviced by a professional pool technician
  • Vacuum the floor of the pool and brush the walls
  • Use a clarifier or a filter aid to improve the pools clarity
  • If the pool has gone green over winter, come into the store so we can advise you on how to approach a shock procedure to clean up the pool.